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apgdiff by default "speaks" English. That is good enough for many developers, as English seems to be the main language of developers. Anyway, there are people that prefer to work with applications that speak their language. I can speak only Czech and English so I can provide these translations of apgdiff, but if you want to see apgdiff to speak your language, I will definitely need your help.

How Can I Translate apgdiff to My Language?

The process is really simple. There is a resource file for each language. You need to download English resource file, rename it to have suffix of your language (lets say you want to translate apgdiff to French, so you rename it to and translate all the texts that are after '=' to French). Make sure you edit the file in UTF-8 encoding as Java uses internally UTF-8. That also means you are not limited just to languages that use latin characters.

When you are done, email me the file at and I will add that translation to next release of apgdiff. Of course, if you have experience with git, you can provide your translation via GitHub.

There are cases when languages are called the same name, like Portuguese, but Portuguese in Portugal might be quite different from Portuguese in Brazil. Lets say we have already apgdiff translated to Portuguese in file, but that is Portugal Portuguese and you want to speak apgdiff Brazilian Portuguese. All you have to do to see apgdiff speak Brazilian Portuguese is to download, rename it to, delete lines that are the same in both languages and translate the rest to Brazilian Portuguese. Then send me the file and after next release apgdiff will speak both Portugal Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The same of course applies to other languages too, if they are different across the world.

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