Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool (apgdiff) free database schema diff tool


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apgdiff is a Java program so you need Java installed. apgdiff requires at least Java 1.6. There is a big chance you already have Java installed on your computer. If not, you can download and install for example Sun Java.


For download options see Download page.

Some linux distributions already have apgdiff packaged so you can install it directly using that distribution install command, but if you use one of these distributions and they do not have the latest version of apgdiff, I suggest you download the latest version from Download page instead as the latest version usually contains less bugs and often also contains more features. Here is the list of Linux distributions that contain native packages for apgdiff:


This program does not need any installation procedure. You can put it in any folder you like.

Running It

To run apgdiff, just issue this command:

java -jar apgdiff-<version>.jar

Replace <version> with the version of apgdiff you have downloaded.

If you installed apgdiff using installation command from your distribution, you probably can run apgdiff just by issuing apgdiff.

Also, be aware that you have to run apgdiff from terminal window to see the output it generates.

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool
Version 2.4