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Thanks for your tool again, we use it every weekly release on a large database cluster!
-- Dmitry Koterov

I use apgdiff, and it is for me best synchronization tool for PostgreSQL databases, including commercial solutions. Good work!
-- Adam Bartoszewicz

I just wanted to say that your free tool, apgdiff, works brilliantly and helped me a lot. Thanks :)
-- Kamil Jarzynowski

Thanks for creating this tool! I think it will be very useful for me.
-- Stewart M.

Great tool for generating quick diffs between schema versions.
-- anonymous at Sourceforge project reviews

Thanks for very handly and beautiful utility: apgdiff. I loved it from the first sight.
-- Vladimir Shahov

Thanks for creating this wonderful tool.
-- Chirag Dave

Excellent tool for rapid synchronization large databases, even over slow network.
-- Adam Bartoszevicz at Sourceforge project reviews

Very useful tool to upgrade running production databases with changes made in development instances. Must-have!
-- Christoph Berg at Sourceforge project reviews

I am using your excellent utility apgdiff for about 2 years. It is the only real tool for PostgreSQL semi-automatic migrations.
-- Dmitry Koterov

-- anonymous at Sourceforge project reviews

I just want to let you know that I have downloaded and tried your tool, I think it's just what I was looking for.
-- Gérald Salin

OMG! I had been dumping to text and using diff, then the DB reordered everything on me... you have saved me countless hours!! :)
-- polywog at Sourceforge project reviews

Hi!! I'm from Argentina and i want to say thanks to you because your program apgdiff help me a lot!!!
-- Mariano H. Méndez

I've been using apgdiff for some time, and it is really a great tool for applying patches for the databases I've been handling.
-- Adam Matan

We use postgres for our database and making schema changes from development to staging was manual and very time consuming. I’ve only run a small test but this seems to work great and catches table changes very well.
-- Michelle Curtis

Great tool for synchronizing production and development databases.
-- anonymous at Sourceforge project reviews

Just wanted to say thanks for apgdiff... I'm using it to give suggested schema migration scripts as part of our build process.
-- Henry Ludemann

I was very excited when I discovered apgdiff, it was just the right tool I needed for some project I am working on.
-- Christoph Berg

Congratulations for this excellent software. I'll test it. But I think apgdiff will save my life.
-- Cristiano Meira Magalhaes

I am looking at using your apgdiff tool. I really like it, and it is the best out there for my needs as a current postgres administrator.
-- Blake Visin

I had a look at apgdiff and it looks very impressive.
-- John Bester

I’m am using apgdiff for a few days now. It works pretty nice.
-- Hans Idink

I have found apgdiff to be pretty useful.
-- Tim Ringenbach

Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool
Version 2.4