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2010-10-02: Version 2.2 Is Out!

New Way Ignored Statements Are Handled

Handling of statements that are not supported by apgdiff was not ideal in 2.* releases, so I decided to change the way they are handled but still prevent the safety that this change brought in (which is that you get warnings on statements that are ignored by apgdiff at this time and need user attention). So, in version 2.2, I dropped the code that cased exceptions on unsupported statements and introduced --output-ignored-statements command line switch. Here is info from help output:

--output-ignored-statements:  outputs information about DDL statements that apgdiff ignores
                              at this moment (it will not output any SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE
                              and/or DELETE statements)

This switch is off by default so you have to enable it to get the output of ignored statements in the diff. Here is how it will look in the diff output:

... (the usual output)

/* Original database ignored statements

... (list of ignored statements)

/* New database ignored statements

.. (list of ignored statements)
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